The emergence of COVID-19 has caused disruption in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. In addition to care for family members no longer maintaining their regular schedules, many faculty are required to devote extra time to redesign courses to be taught online, and many corporations and universities are implementing new work-from-home measures.
Given these disruptions that responding to the global health crisis has caused, the ICFHR organizing committee has decided to extend the submission date until April 10th.

In 2020, the noval coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading in most countries of the world, and is influencing the organization of conferences. As the organizers of ICFHR 2020, we are not sure when the COVID-19 will be over, but we make sure that the conferene ICFHR will take place. If there is travel restriction in September, the papers of absent authors can be presented online, or even if most authors cannot attend, we ensure that all the accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.

We look forward your participation in the ICFHR 2020.

Best regards,

Elisa Barney-Smith, Cheng-Lin Liu, Marcus Liwicki
Program Chairs, ICFHR 2020

Welcome to ICFHR2020

The International Conference on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR), formerly called International Workshop on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR), is the most important scientific venue in the field of handwriting recognition.  The aim of this conference is to bring together international experts from academia and industry to share their experiences and to promote research and development in all aspects of handwriting recognition and applications.

ICFHR is a major event supported by the IAPR Technical Committee TC-11 (Reading Systems). Previous venues of this series were IWFHR'90 (Montreal), IWFHR'91 (Chateau de Bonas), IWFHR'93 (Buffalo), IWFHR'94 (Taipei), IWFHR'96 (Colchester), IWFHR'98 (Taejon), IWFHR 2000 (Amsterdam), IWFHR 2002 (Niagara on the Lake), IWFHR 2004 (Tokyo), IWFHR 2006 (La Baule), ICFHR 2008 (Montreal), ICFHR 2010 (Kolkata) ICFHR 2012 (Bari), ICFHR 2014 (Crete), ICFHR 2016 (Shenzhen), and ICFHR 2018 (Niagara Falls).

In 2020, ICFHR will return to Europe.
The 17th ICFHR (ICFHR 2020) will be held in the city of Dortmund, Germany, and will be hosted by TU Dortmund University.

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ICFHR 2020 is also kindly supported by Gesellschaft der Freunde der TU Dortmund and Alumni der Informatik Dortmund